The Fish Company

Whoever said Sex and SRK sell best in India, clearly didn’t take Bengal into account. Because the only thing apart from politics and football, that truly sells in Bengal is fish. Keventer, the multi-brand food and agro manufacturer, took note of this and joined the party with The Fish Company. And true to its reputation, Studio Red was up to the task in creating a brand identity for them.

The Fish Company is Keventer’s foray into the ever virgin fish market of Bengal. On the menu card are items like fish fries, fish fingers and an extremely varied list of fish delicacies that Bengal loves.

DATE: 2021

CLIENT: The Fish Company



Identity Design -
the essential aspect
of brand development.

The Challenge

Tonnes of logos were created, keeping in mind various silos. The identity had to echo vibrance in terms of legibility and colour, yet retaining Keventer’s legacy.

The Approach

The final identity was selected and extensions started getting developed. In the end, The Fish Company became what we see of it – two sprawling stores in two top malls in the City of Joy

Heart going fish-ey? Ours did too!

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