At Studio Red, we love all things food and Sunreap’s journey with us is testament to it.

SUNREAP is the Retail arm of Nowrangroy, one of the most trusted names in the Food & Beverages industry and a government-approved Star Export house for wheat flour in India. From designing Sunreap website to creating a successful influencers campaign, Studio Red has been a part of Sunreap for a very long time.

DATE: 2021

CLIENT: The Fish Company



Sunreap wheat flour range is the answer to the long felt need of good quality, locally milled premium flour for Bengal.

The Challenge

Sunreap’s packaging, created by Studio Red, is what distinguishes it from its competition.

The Approach

With the aim to connect with customers, Sunreap’s social media journey was started. Studio Red creates, designs and executes content for Sunreap social media.

To reach larger audience, a campaign revolving around food bloggers and Sunreap flour was launched. Their recipes and testimonials are part of Sunreap's website.

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