The premium Karnataka based seed manufacturer Fulsome had an interesting brief for us. Create an identity that would be synonymous with the honest, earthy efforts of those who cultivate and culture them. Not interesting enough? Now read this. The identity had to be such that it could be easily engraved on a chocolate, as well as on normal packaging.

That’s what got us at Studio Red thinking. Fundamentally, the form had to be incredibly simple but the effort needed to be visible. We went to our drawing boards with the understanding of human psychology on top of our minds.

DATE: 2021

CLIENT: The Frank Guys


WEBSITE: www.thefrankguys.com

An age-old
hygiene revisited

The Challenge

This was one client who wanted to be involved in every stage across the identity exercise, which is why we decided to revive the rarely used hygiene of displaying hand-drawn dev sketches for approvals, a la, 1960s-70s advertising style.

The Approach

Three among the innumerable logos created were shortlisted for further development. Extensions like stationery and packaging were developed for each and when the final logo that you see now, hit the shelves, we were ecstatic. Talk about the labour of love, this.

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