Perfect Idea

Studio Red (Kolkata & Bangalore) is a full-service advertising agency with a passion to provide complete branding as well as marketing solutions for Start-ups, SMEs and Corporates!

Our resolve has been to be on-time ever since we started 10+ years ago.
Our go-to-market approach and a deep understanding of how-stuff-works set us apart from the other design shops. We have extensive experience covering industries like IT, Realty, Healthcare, FMCG, Entertainment and Hospitality to name a few.

Whether it is a Start-Up who wishes to acquire the first 100 clients faster, or a Corporate who wants to strengthen market presence, our team has the ability to be a partner in growth.

Brands that are consistently presented, are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility

Understand the Big Idea

Fostering an open environment with the belief that every direction must be explored, we work hard to find just what will work for your business. It starts by defining a problem, then covering the walls with solutions – then peeling off and pasting back each solution again and again, until we see the outline of the big idea taking shape. This leave-no-stone-unturned approach is what consistently drives our creative focus. Focus that delivers results.

Drive Creativity

Our coolest idea to date is the way we choose to work. Or maybe just the way we see our work. We can deliver our best only when we as a team are clear about our endeavour and derive great happyness from it. Happyness that spills into everything - every design, every colour, every word and every client interaction.

Build the Roadmap

Success for you is when your brand connects with its target audience and creates its space in the society. So, it must be visible and tell a story that is engaging enough for your customers to connect & interact. That’s why we dedicate time up front to lay a roadmap for your business. It’s our way of ensuring your brand appears front-and-centre with big ideas that work to propel your business forward in print and digital media.

Communicate Visually

We consider it one of our main tasks to create work that encourages interaction without being pushy. It’s not so much a soft approach as it is a smart and respectful one. This demands more from us - delivering ideas that get noticed - but it is also an integral part of leaving a brand reputation with potential customers.